Some may have notice the link to this blog is https://authorheatherroberson.food.blog/ This is not a food eating blog. Rather, the food is referring to books, reading, and writing. This is a blog where food is actually food for thought.

I am Heather. I am a first time author. My book can be found on Amazon and Good Reads. It has sold over 500 copies which is pretty amazing considering I never meant to publish it at first. My second book is due to be published this summer

In this blog you will find posts about my incredible journey in becoming a writer, random thoughts about stories I may write in the future, my anxieties about doing public book talks, and so much more…..

My hope is to be an inspiration to someone who may just be starting out writing. It was a dream of mine since I was eight years old. All dreams, big or small are important. They never come true if you don’t at least put an effort towards trying to achieve them.

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